Our Mission

The College Democrats of Boston College is one of the largest and most active clubs at Boston College.  Throughout the year, we work to advance the policies and ideals of the Democratic Party at BC and in the larger community.

We are both an officially registered student organization and a chartered member of the Massachusetts College Democrats, a subsidiary of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Thus, our purpose is twofold.

The College Democrats of Boston College:

1. Strive to enhance political participation on campus, by involving college students in the process of political action. On campus, the club is active in student electoral campaigns, debating the Administration’s policy, and pursuing our own goals. This can be anything from issue campaigning to assisting on electoral campaigns.

2. Work to further the goals of the Democratic Party and the ideals for which it stands, including livable wages, equal access for all, regardless of whatever category the census may lump them into, to all forms of services, from education, to health care, to voting booths. This takes the form of actively recruiting voters, knocking on the doors of prospective voters, and other forms of direct electoral participation.

As a club, we can play an important role in campus life. First, we are all college students. We have particular needs, distinct from those of other people interested in the political process. We are Democrats because we feel that our needs – and those of society – are best met by this ideology. Thus, as college students that happen to be Democrats, we can play an important role in campus life by politicizing campus issues.

Second, we are Democrats. In this role, we are the traveling salesmen and saleswomen of the Party. For decades, the college student population has been the largest source of volunteers for campaigns of all sizes, in all parts of the country. Our role as Democrats is to educate others as to why they too should support Democratic candidates and Democratic Policies both here in Massachusetts and nationwide.