As a freshman, it can be hard to be given true leadership responsibilities in a major club at BC.  The PXC is aimed at fixing this problem by immersing the freshman membership in almost every CDBC activity.

The First-Year ProgressiveXchange is the freshman leadership program of the College Democrats of Boston College. The PXC will prepare freshmen to be successful progressive leaders and activists both in Boston College and the community at large.  Members of the PXC will be dedicated to progressive causes, committed to improving the lives of others, and have courage to stand up for their beliefs.

Members of the PXC will—

  • Be paired with upperclass mentors
  • Meet with CDBC speakers and local politicos
  • Network with other student leaders across the political spectrum
  • Organize and execute CDBC events
  • Work on local political campaigns
  • Have the chance to intern at local political offices and campaigns
  • Have access to PXC-only events

Questions? Contact Patrick Coyne at 

PXC Class of 2012

PXC Class of 2012


CDBC’s first-year leadership program was definitely a highlight of my freshman year at Boston College. From exclusive access to big name speakers like David Axelrod to exciting trips like the CDA Winter Conference in Chicago, my experiences through PXC were often exciting and always enjoyable. I also gained valuable campaign experience, benefited from the friendship and guidance of upperclassman mentors, and learned more about MA politics and student leadership at BC. If you are a young progressive looking to make lasting friendships with informed students who share your values and passion for politics, I cannot recommend the ProgressiveXchange enough!

– Sarah Goodfield ’15, Membership Director, CDBC

At my first Student Activities Day last fall, I signed up to join dozens of different organizations. Among them was CDBC, to which I was drawn by their first-year leadership program, ProgressiveXchange. I applied to be a part of PXC, and was, upon being accepted, assigned a mentor in Kris Munden. Over the course of the year, PXC allowed me to get to know a great group of BC students who share my interests and who have become some of my closest friends. By working with Kris and others in CDBC, I acquired invaluable skills in volunteer and program organization, and leadership in general. I took advantage of all that PXC had to offer, traveling to Washington where I attended speeches and events featuring President Obama and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, and to the College Democrats of Massachusetts convention where, by virtue of my active involvement in CDBC through PXC, I was elected to the CDM executive board. PXC was definitely a highlight of my first year at BC, and it is a program from which I continue to benefit.

-Andrew Slade ’13, National Vice President, College Democrats of America

I have the PXC to thank for my love of CDBC and could not imagine being where I am in the club today without it.  Overall, I recommend that everyone interested should apply for membership in the PXC because of the exclusive access to speakers, training for future club leadership, immediate community with other members of the PXC, and great mentoring by members of the Executive board.  These are only a few of the reasons you should apply for the PXC, so if you have even an inkling of interest in the program, I can promise you that you will not regret it!

-Nick Doffek ’13, CDBC President Emeritus